Junior year (CHECK)

Oh, what a rough year it has been. These last two semesters have by far been the most stressful and demanding out of all 7 semesters of my college career. I spent countless hours on writing assignments, prepped and got through numerous speeches, and put myself out there time and time again. There were no rest stops along the way as each week presented its own obstacles, but I am proud of myself for sticking through it all. I am even more proud of my self simply for the fact that although this was my most demanding semester it was actually my best semester academic wise. If I do well on my last couple of assignments I will make the Deans list for the first time ever! This may not mean much to some, but I have never been one to put school first and actually care about my grades so this is a big step for me. I am looking forward to being done with college all together but I can’t wait to see what I will be able to conquer next year! I’m going to keep pushing with no breaks until I graduate next spring. I can look back at the frustration and tears, but without them, I would not be where I am today or where I would like to go in the future.


Parthasarathy’s, D. (2009, June 10). Southern Illinois University[Photograph]. Edwardsville.


Kids Say the darndest Things

       Mom. “Mila’s Rant about Preschool.” Yahoo, 20 Apr. 2018, images5.aplus.com/uc-up/917dfe9c-b288-4ab4-aeda-736bd31dd2a8/917dfe9c-b288-4ab4-aeda 736bd31dd2a8.format_jpeg.inline_yes.jpg.

I always joke about making a whole blog about the crazy things my 3-year-old group says on a daily basis. I think after today’s conversation it would be wrong not to share with the world these hilarious moments of my life “pre-momming.” Everybody knows that kids are hilarious, so today I’ll be posting a few of my gym kids funniest conversations in no chronological order. I will be keeping their names anonymous for safety reasons. I will use the first letters of their name and the first letter of my name “E” for my response. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

E: “I went to class and slept. What did you do today?”

X: “Wow Ms. Erika. What do you even do with your life?”

E: “Did you finally get to see your new baby this weekend?”

L: “Yeah, her looked like a piece of bread.”

E: “A piece of bread??”

L: “Uh huh shes a preemie baby so her looked like bread.”

E: “A Where are your pants!?”

A: “Oh, um sorry.” (puts pants back on)

E: ” Okay M so this time we’re going to do FIVE rolls in a row with our legs together okay?”

M “UGH! You’re stressing me out!!! I just want to sit here okay Ms. Erika?”

E: “Well my bad princess…”

M: “My mommy says I am a QUWEEEEEN!”

E: “Are you ready to try a straddle roll?”

A: “Awh he** nahhhhh.”

E: “It smells.”

A: “Yeah cause I farted real bad.”

A: “You should smell my dad’s farts, they might kill you.”


Summer Goals

Don’t worry, be happy

After a very challenging semester, I want to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone in as many ways possible. Some of you may remember from my semester goals that I am a very introverted person when it comes to strangers. Throughout my whole spring semester, I tried things that made me uncomfortable such as speeches, and going out alone, and talking to new people about everything. I realized that doing these things were challenging for me, but looking back at them they made me grow into a more confident adult. This summer I want to take going out of my comfort zone to the next level. I want to go on a mini road trip either alone or with new friends. I would like to do some mock interviews. I  want to try something new at least twice a month, and I would like to go driving one day without a GPS just to see what I can find. I have realized that I only have so much free time until I’m in a commanding career that doesn’t take off for summers so I am really trying to take my summer freedom to my advantage.


Poehler, A. (2015, October 20). Great people do things before they’re ready [Photograph]. Pinterest.

Squirrel Attack


Image result for squirrel attack

Screaming Squirrel. Digital image. NY Daily News. 4 Dec 2015. Web. 2 March 2018

Am I the only one who likes to tell my parents about all of the stories I’ve told them growing up? I think it’s hilarious, and my mom finds it funny years later too. I’ll share one of the confessions that I recently brought up because it really was a bad lie and my mom “bought it.” Years ago, I had to be about 11 or 12 we were at my cousin’s house in Wisconsin when my cousins and I decided that we were going to ride to the ice cream shop and bring our treats back to the backyard and play. My mom warned us to wear our helmets and only go to the ice cream shop, but of course, we didn’t listen. My cousin Hunter wanted to show me the biggest hill in Whitewater so we rode the scooters about 3 blocks and went down the hill. It really was the biggest hill I’ve ever seen so I was excited. I started going down the hill and I was picking up speed for a good 20 seconds until BOOM. My front wheel got stuck in a crack and I flew over the handlebars onto my back in the middle of the street. Thankfully no cars were coming, but I quickly got up and rode away with my cousin. I was so scared but I couldn’t let my mom know that I wasn’t wearing a helmet, or that we went somewhere other the ice cream shop, let alone that I had almost died doing exactly what she told me not to do. We went to the Ice cream shop and rode back home into the backyard when I noticed that my wrist was bleeding a lot. Being the actress that I was I quickly came up with a scenario in my head and began to act it out. We start screaming and I “accidentally” tripped up the stares making a loud thump so my mom would hear it. She came out like Whats wrong?? What happened?! I kid you not I told this lady that I was chasing a squirrel when it turned around and started chasing me so I tried to run inside but fell on the deck. She looked at me trying not to laugh and then showed some fake sympathy because of my wrist. Lesson learned I am a good actress but maybe I should listen next time.

Perks of living in the worlds most Beautiful City

62% cheaper than typical U.S cities, Capetown South Africa is the perfect place to live while channeling your inner gallivanter.  Full of adventure, culture, and culinary arts, there is nothing you cant do in the beautiful mother city of  Capetown.

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Maybe you’re not a foodie and shopping is more your style. Lucky for you Capetown is shopaholics dream come true. From numerous shopping malls and gift shops to antique stores, flea markets, and art galleries this city is full of shopping experiences for the family. Don’t forget your cash! With so many fun things to do which will you do first?

Related image        Canal Walk, Capetown South Africa

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Registration Fury

service unavail

Service Unavailable. Screenshot. SIUE ITS. 23 March 2018. Web. 23 March 2018

I write this blog as I try to get in to register for Summer classes. I get locked out EVERY semester, it never fails. Unlike Fall and Spring Registration, Summer Registration is the same day for all levels of undergrad. This problem that this poses is the fact that if I (and many others) don’t get into our required classes were screwed. As we get closer to graduation classes required are limited and registration is high. This combination creates a major setback for some of us. For instance, classes have very small enrollment numbers such as 20 to 50 students, so being locked out is NEVER good.  Something needs to change. Maybe summer Registration should be held on campus, that way it really is first come first serve instead of basing it off of luck of refreshing. I’m a Junior who needs these summer classes to become a senior and graduate next year. If I fail to get into these classes I will be behind ANOTHER semester for the 3rd time due to registration issues. It is now 8:45 and I am still refreshing to get in. Wish me luck.

We’re Caught

Image result for police car pulling someone over at night

Police Car. Digital image. Voice of San Diego. 12 June 2015. Web. 16 March 2018

I guess I’m on a roll of storytelling. This time I’ll take you back to the very first, and only time that I “snuck out.” I quote that because I can’t remember if we actually snuck out or just missed curfew. My best friend and I did a lot of questionable things in high school like most other high school students. This time we thought it would be cool if we did whatever we wanted for a night since we were almost “adults” We drove to Belleville which we weren’t supposed to go due to the long drive from O’Fallon and stayed at our friend’s house to watch some movies. I think we ended up watching Highschool, the movie with Snoop Dog in it and it was quite awful but also hilarious. After the movie, we accidentally fell asleep and woke up around 2 a.m. We were 16 or 17 at the time so we hurried up and tried to get back to her house for the night without getting caught for being out late. We made it to the Greenmount bridge when we noticed her tire was completely flat. We started freaking out because we were going to get in trouble by our parents, we lied about where, we were going, and we would probably get in trouble from the cops. All of that happened. A cop pulled up behind us with its lights on as we were calling her dad. She lost her drivers license so she got a ticket for that. We were out past State curfew so we got in trouble for that, and we were stopped on a bridge so we got a ticket for that too. In the end, we actually didn’t get in trouble with our parents at all. I guess they realized that we were scared or something. Lesson learned don’t try to act grown. It’s not as fun as it sounds.