Group Wins

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Here I go again with a topic that has to do with sports. I recently ran into a situation in which every child competing got first place despite their true placement, and I cant say that I was a fan.I just don’t believe that “everyone is a winner.” Throughout the years we are taught life lessons by our elders and sometimes even acquaintances, but, what are we teaching our children by lying and saying everyone is a winner. In this particular situation, scores were involved. Everyone had their own personal score, but in the end, everyone received the same award. To me, this is setting these kids up for failure. They were just taught that no matter how they perform they will be praised and awarded, and that is not how the things go in the real world. What do you guys think of the whole “all for one and one for all” approach? Do you think I’m being too harsh on something small for such young kids? If I were the parents of these kids I would have to explain to them how the world is not easy and that they really have to work for what they want and deserve.


What is the problem?

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Wilson, M. (2018, February 15). Parkland Shooting[Photograph]. Getty Images, Parkland.

The recent school shootings in Florida have left me with many questions and fear for my future children being in the public school system. Growing up I never had to worry about my safety at school. There were no cops on campus, and when someone acted out they had repercussions. Now schools have metal detectors,  and campus police on duty, but it is still not enough. This, of course, leads me to ask whose fault is this? The obvious answer would be the shooter himself, but I mean deeper than that. Is it at fault of our educators not educating on gun violence? Is it that getting weapons is just far too easy? Does it have to do with parenting? To me, the answer to all of the questions is yes.  We do need to educate students on gun violence, and the repercussions that go along with it. We need to make it more complicated to obtain weapons. We will never be able to get rid of them but I believe we could do better about who can and can’t purchase them. Lastly, our parents need to be more aware of their children’s mental well being and get them the help they need. I’m tired of seeing innocent children dead because of the lack of everything else, but WE have to work on it together because it only takes one. What are your opinions on the subject? What do you think needs to change to make our schools safe again?

Title Snatchers

ptallHere we go with another speel about tumbling. What can I say, I love my job. Three years ago I was asked to work at Pride of Illinois Tumble and Cheer, having worked at the Y already for 5 years I was thrilled for a new start at a very well liked gym. About a month after working I was asked to be a power tumbling coach. At the time I didn’t even know what power tumbling was but it sure did sound fun. My first year the saying was “Have fun and don’t die.” We all laughed about it but truly that’s what we were doing, having fun. Our first year competing they did alright, not many trophies but they were trying. We were the underdogs so coming into year two we were hungry for more. We saw what needed to be done and we went out with everything we had. We shared laughs and tears but we put our name on the map. We had 5 kids make the National Team and ended up with 15th place finish in the nation. Looking back on our past accomplishments has left me speechless about our last competition. It is now year 3 and we know what we’re doing.  My kids are sweeping the podiums meet after meet and I could not be happier. This last competition has truly shown how far we have come in the last 3 years. This weekend our team of 107 performances won FIRST place out of 28 other gyms that have beat us time after time. We watched over the years and I must say our team was hungry. We saw what was needed and went above and beyond to get there. State is in a couple of months and all I can say is the best is yet to come. We’re coming to win.

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Being a Tumbling Coach

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To parents being a coach clearly means being a magician. We are supposed to turn everyone into a perfect piece of art, which let’s be honest, is quite impossible to do with everyone’s different attention spans, ages, and attitudes.  Far too many times I get the questions, “What did (insert name)  do so wrong to get the score he/she did?” or “Shouldn’t  you work on that at practice?” (As if it’s our fault) The answer to the first question is always simple.  Although it may have looked good to an untrained eye,  it’s easy to see every deduction that occurred during the routine when you pull out the dreaded rule book and match it with the competed routine. The second question is one of my favorites. This is not a question. Well, it is but the parent never intends for it to be anything but a smart remark.  We as coaches spend countless hours in the gym with these kids, working drill after drill for every skill we feel necessary, and when that drill doesn’t work we find a new one. None of this we do for ourselves, but any time the child doesn’t deliver it comes back to us not doing our job. The reality is the child simply did not execute as practiced. They were told but they did not apply. Once they hit the arena it is up to them to apply everything that we have worked on, we can’t coach them as they compete and that requires a certain mindset.  If you have children in sports just remember their coach wouldn’t be a coach if they didn’t know what they were doing. Take into account that just maybe your child didn’t listen. Help a coach out instead of doubting their abilities or lack of caring. Trust me we care. Why else would we spend 25+ hours a week with your kid instead of our families?

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Over and Under



          (2018). “Fall in love with yourself first”.  26 Jan. 2018].

You hear time after time that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. My question is how legit could this saying actually be? You fix one problem of being alone, but what about the uncovered feelings of the ex and the newfound feelings of the current? That creates a whole new level of confusion.  I myself recently terminated a relationship and I can’t say that this saying seems very logical to me. Yeah finding that “one true love” sounds great but if that is all you are set on looking for, you forget to find yourself. I believe you have to learn how to love yourself again first before jumping right into something new. An early relationship right after a breakup could be great, getting your quick fix of whatever the last lacked but that honeymoon phase will soon wear off and new arguments form. Then what? You’re back to square one. I wish I knew who came up with this said quote. I’d like to ask him/her how everything worked out. I can’t imagine it went very well. What do you guys think? Do you think this is a reasonable way to get over someone?

Semester Goals

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Waldren, Ellen. Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt. 16 Feb. 2017,  dynamic-hidden/80-inhale-confidence-exhale-doubt. Accessed 18 Jan. 2018.

Moving to the Midwest completely changed my personality. Considering I lost all of my childhood friends with the move and I was going into middle school blind with no one it was probably just an age thing but boy did it suck. You would think after being here so long I would go back to my normal self but I never did. My personality is very introverted and I hate trying new things that I may not be the greatest at. Before the semester is over I would like to face my fears of not being great at everything and having more confidence in myself. One thing I do very often is use my GPS for everything because I doubt myself on whether or not I actually know the way. To conquer this I’m going to take the whole thing out of the car unless I am going somewhere for the first time. I would also love to start pushing myself into doing new things like going to a career fair and persuading someone to give me an interview, or going out and not worrying about how I look in everyone else’s eyes. Although these tactics sound terrifying now, I am sure that with ample time I will tackle my fears.

New Beginnings

firsthouseAfter a very long 31 days, 23 houses in mind, and 9 that we viewed, my roommate Katie and I are finally moved into our new 1890  house located in historic Leclaire. Yes, that makes it 127 years old! At first, I was terrified, there are multiple trap doors to the cellar and the attic and I was sure that I was going to be living in a haunted house and I am definitely one who is not a fan of that kind of stuff. After a bunch of research, my worries have gone away, the house is surprisingly clean of any suspicious activities throughout its life

To my surprise, nothing bad has happened in the couple of days that we have been here other than a few mosquitos and a spider, but I would take that over a “ghostie” anyday! When we first moved in boy did the house stink, but after a quick trip to Kirklands for some scent pouches and a little furniture was moved in the scent has vanished.

We still need to furnish the living room, backyard, front porch, and the kitchen, but once that is done I’m sure this place will feel like home in no time. We’re excited for this new chapter in our lives and of course, we are very excited to decorate! Fall is just around the corner and you know how girls are with fall decorating!