California Adventures

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This year marks our 11th year living in Illinois. Being 21 now I’ve officially lived here longer than the lovely golden state. When I realized this I came up with a proposal to spend Christmas in California as one last family vacation. My parents finally agreed and I can not wait until December. I have not been back once since we left and I miss it dearly. As soon as I was given the final yes I began looking for rentals along the beach. After searching for about a month I finally found the perfect beach house steps from the Ocean.  My parents are going to fly all the way to California, but my sister and I will be flying to Vegas (where one of my other sisters lives) to help her complete the 5-hour drive with her 3 kids. Once we all get there our week will be full of activities from day to night. We will be going to Disney Land, and Universal Studios for 2 days each, then we will spend the rest of the time on the beach, barbecuing, and riding around old neighborhoods to visit friends and go to a couple of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I can not wait to go! Where are you guys from?


Author: erikaashley14

My name is Erika Edwards and I am a Junior at SIUE studying Business Management and Communications. I chose the two focus areas with hopes to later become a Residential Real Estate Agent and house flipper. Most of my free time I spend at the gym I work at as a USTA power tumbling Coach and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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