Stressful hunting

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, you have to move out, find a place, and move in all in a very short period of time. (since most property managers will not hold their properties more than 10 days) This year’s search has given me quite a few imaginary gray hairs. When it comes to things like this I am very persistent and responsible, but when you are given a 10-day limit you are a bit pushed on time.  I have been looking on every rental website there is for the past couple of months but every time I called they had already leased it or they weren’t willing to hold the place until August. Feeling desperate I moved my search to craigslist. A few of the parents at my job told me that’s where the posted their rentals so I decided to give it a try.  Almost instantly I found the most beautiful house someone at my age could rent. I emailed the person listed as fast as I could and she replied right away. She notified me that the place was still available for rent, but if I wanted to see it I would have to look online or walk around the house it self due to a  recent move. I didn’t think anything of this and went and took a look at the house from the outside. Every window was open like she had said and made it easy to peek in. The house was even more perfect in person. Excited to have finally found something I messaged my roommate to let her know. We filled out the applications the next day and The lady emailed us saying it was ours. Then things got weird, she said her secretary would send us the keys via Fed Ex as soon as she got the money gram in the mail (IN NEW YORK) This obviously confused me as to how this person could be a secretary/ assistant to someone so far away. Being the gullible young person that I am I was like whatever, I’m just going to send this money (900$) to her so I can get the keys. I went to WalMart to get a money order and called my dad to tell him everything. He quickly told me not to do it and to wait after he did a background check on the lady. Everything ended up checking out because she used the original homeowner’s name, but the assistant was listed under potential scammers. Lesson learned don’t trust someone that you do not know with something so expensive. Also never accept an application for a house that you cannot physically see. If my dad wouldn’t have told me not to go through with it I would have been out of a lot of money… Scammers are making bank out of young adults who are unaware what they are dealing with. Take a look at these websites they show almost every trick my scammer used on me, and quite a few warning signs.  I know it’s house hunting season, be aware, and stay safe.        -Arie



Author: erikaashley14

My name is Erika Edwards and I am a Junior at SIUE studying Business Management and Communications. I chose the two focus areas with hopes to later become a Residential Real Estate Agent and house flipper. Most of my free time I spend at the gym I work at as a USTA power tumbling Coach and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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