New Beginnings

firsthouseAfter a very long 31 days, 23 houses in mind, and 9 that we viewed, my roommate Katie and I are finally moved into our new 1890  house located in historic Leclaire. Yes, that makes it 127 years old! At first, I was terrified, there are multiple trap doors to the cellar and the attic and I was sure that I was going to be living in a haunted house and I am definitely one who is not a fan of that kind of stuff. After a bunch of research, my worries have gone away, the house is surprisingly clean of any suspicious activities throughout its life

To my surprise, nothing bad has happened in the couple of days that we have been here other than a few mosquitos and a spider, but I would take that over a “ghostie” anyday! When we first moved in boy did the house stink, but after a quick trip to Kirklands for some scent pouches and a little furniture was moved in the scent has vanished.

We still need to furnish the living room, backyard, front porch, and the kitchen, but once that is done I’m sure this place will feel like home in no time. We’re excited for this new chapter in our lives and of course, we are very excited to decorate! Fall is just around the corner and you know how girls are with fall decorating!


Author: erikaashley14

My name is Erika Edwards and I am a Junior at SIUE studying Business Management and Communications. I chose the two focus areas with hopes to later become a Residential Real Estate Agent and house flipper. Most of my free time I spend at the gym I work at as a USTA power tumbling Coach and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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