New Beginnings

firsthouseAfter a very long 31 days, 23 houses in mind, and 9 that we viewed, my roommate Katie and I are finally moved into our new 1890  house located in historic Leclaire. Yes, that makes it 127 years old! At first, I was terrified, there are multiple trap doors to the cellar and the attic and I was sure that I was going to be living in a haunted house and I am definitely one who is not a fan of that kind of stuff. After a bunch of research, my worries have gone away, the house is surprisingly clean of any suspicious activities throughout its life

To my surprise, nothing bad has happened in the couple of days that we have been here other than a few mosquitos and a spider, but I would take that over a “ghostie” anyday! When we first moved in boy did the house stink, but after a quick trip to Kirklands for some scent pouches and a little furniture was moved in the scent has vanished.

We still need to furnish the living room, backyard, front porch, and the kitchen, but once that is done I’m sure this place will feel like home in no time. We’re excited for this new chapter in our lives and of course, we are very excited to decorate! Fall is just around the corner and you know how girls are with fall decorating!


National Champions Galore!


This was a VERY busy week but I am one extremely proud coach! On Tuesday morning my team and I traveled all the way to Novi Michigan for one of the biggest competitions of the year, the Junior Olympic Games. For many of my athletes this was their first year competing and first national competition. We went in with hopes of a good outcome and boy did my babies deliver!

The competition consists of 9 levels each with the possibility of making top 10 during prelims and advancing on to finals. Not only did EVERY kid advance to finals but every kid made top 5 in their individual divisions! Day one of finals started today and they did phenomenally. Out of the 21 kids, we are taking home 7 gold medals, 6 Silver, and 8 Bronze!

When I started coaching this sport 2 years ago I had no idea that I would fall in love with it. The staff are great and the kids work extremely hard and love and support each and every one of their teammates. Any obstacle, these kids pushed through. All of the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this season (literally ) has finally paid off. With 21 medals and 9 team trophies today I cannot wait to see what the final day consists of tomorrow for the rest of the kids and how far they will all go in the next few years.

To find out more about the event, and sport it self, click here.

California Adventures

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This year marks our 11th year living in Illinois. Being 21 now I’ve officially lived here longer than the lovely golden state. When I realized this I came up with a proposal to spend Christmas in California as one last family vacation. My parents finally agreed and I can not wait until December. I have not been back once since we left and I miss it dearly. As soon as I was given the final yes I began looking for rentals along the beach. After searching for about a month I finally found the perfect beach house steps from the Ocean.  My parents are going to fly all the way to California, but my sister and I will be flying to Vegas (where one of my other sisters lives) to help her complete the 5-hour drive with her 3 kids. Once we all get there our week will be full of activities from day to night. We will be going to Disney Land, and Universal Studios for 2 days each, then we will spend the rest of the time on the beach, barbecuing, and riding around old neighborhoods to visit friends and go to a couple of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I can not wait to go! Where are you guys from?